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Flash Fiction Competition results

The International Jury of the IV Edition of the Flash Fiction Competition César Egido Serrano, Museum of Words, is composed by:

Her Excellency Mrs. Virginia Greville, Ambassador of Australia.

His Excellency Mr. Yuri Korchagin, Ambassador of Russia.

Her Excellency Mrs. Roberta Lajous Vargas, Ambassador of México

His Excellency Mr. Peter Huber, Ambassador of Austria.

His Excellency Mr. Paulo C. de Oliveira Campos, Ambassador of Brazil.

His Excellency Mr. Aníbal de Castro, Ambassador of Dominican Republic.

Her Excellency Mrs. María Mercedes de la Guardia de Corvó, Ambassador of Panama.

His Excellency Mr. Kostadin Kodzhabashev, Ambassador of Bulgaria.

His Excellency Mr.  Antonis Toumazis, Ambassador of Cyprus.

His Excellency Mr. Danko Prokic, Ambassador of Serbia.

Her Excellency Mrs. Jasna Krivosic-Prpic, Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Her Excellency Mrs. Enikö Györi, Ambassador of Hungary.

His Excellency  Mr.  Pierre Labouverie, Ambassador of Belgium.

His Excellency  Mr.  Thomas Kolly, Ambassador of Switzerland.

Her Excellency Mrs. Yuli Mumpuni Widarso, Ambassador of Indonesia.

His Excellency Mr. C. van Rij, Ambassador of The Nederlands.

His Excellency Mr. Musa Amer Odeh, Ambassador of Palestina.

Her Excellency Mrs. Hissa Abdulla Ahmed Al-Otaiba, Ambassador of the United Emirates.

Her Excellency Mrs. Cecilia Julin, Ambassador of Sweden.

His Excellency Mr. Svjetlan Berkovic, Ambassador of Croacia.

His Excellency Mr.  Mohamed Alfaqeeh Saleh, Ambassador of Libia.

His Excellency Mr. Paulo da Silva, Ambassador of Guinea Bissau.

Her Excellency Mrs. Purificación Angue Ondo, Ambassador of Ecuatorial Guinea.

His Excellency Mr. Francisco Bustillo Bonasso, Ambassador of Uruguay.


Once read, the finalists that were previously selected among the 35.609 stories from 149 countries, by a Jury, composed by 20 creative writing professors, has determined the following results:


Runner up with $2.000 in Spanish language, to Mr. Oscar Gómez, from Medellín, Colombia, for “It does not clear up””.

Runner up with $2.000 in Arab language, to Mrs.  Soad Suliman, from Giza, Egipt, for “Similarity”.

Runner up with $2.000in Hebrew language, to Mrs. Mira Kaufman, from Jerusalen, Israel, for “Blinking”.

First prize with $20.000, to Mrs. Emily Raboteau, from New York.


The following stories will also be awarded with diploma as finalists:


“Wanted”, by Randall Silvis, from United States.

“Pequeños detalles”, by Inmaculada Gutiérrez Porcel, from Spain.

“He finished digging”, by L.S. Christopher, from United States.

“Nada Grave”, by Diego Cruz Serrano, from Spain.

“Cabeza Testaruda”, by Rosa Carballo Venegas, from Costa Rica.

“El sofá”, by Mario Dupont Turkowsky, from Spain.

“Mars”, by Barry Lee Thompson, from Australia.

“The game”, by Neha Shrivastava, from India.

“Suerte”, by Belén Álvarez Espada, from Spain.

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