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Cospedal will ask the Government that the Museum of the word reaches the UN

Cospedal was announced today during the award ceremony of the II international competition of Microfiction of the word Museum, held in the town of Quero and that have chosen 14.253 works from 89 countries.
' If with the word violence, we can avoid many evils which are the result of not knowing how to use the word, not use it or use it improperly, will have won and achieved a great deal ', said Cospedal to assess this initiative of the Caesar Egido Serrano entrepreneur, promoter of the Museum of the word and of this literary contest.
In this way, reminded the regional President in the vicinity of Quero had his estate 'the most famous of all fictional characters' of Spanish literature, Don Quixote de La Mancha, where 'desfaciendo riding wrongs'.
He has also stressed that the ingenious hidalgo 'was free' and added: 'free men we are to make our decisions and if our actions we choose the word to something else, we will have achieved something very important'.
However, it has recognized that in politics 'more importantly listening to speak', what people dedicated to policy must be 'very outstanding of all the voices'.
For this reason, it has urged all those attending the Act to 'walk the world listening very well what they say others and learning from all those who are on the side'.
The ambassadors of Albania, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Dominican Republic and the cultural aggregates of the embassies of Great Britain, France and United States have been some of the guests at the event.
Cospedal had words of appreciation for the founder of the Museo de la Palabra, who has been identified as a generous with his time, his ideals and heritage person and which has even said that it is 'done altruism person'.
For its part, Egido Serrano, which revealed that the Museum Library holds copies of Don Quixote, translated into 43 languages, has insisted that the purpose of its founding is based 'on a script very simple, put the Word as a tool for coexistence and against all violence'.
Excited during his speech, has defended the importance of the word and its ability to unite people, which has claimed its founding motto: 'the word is the bond of humanity'.
In this second edition, the winning story has been 'The soup', the Valencian Rosa Pastor Carballo, equipped with a $10,000.
The three second prize, endowed with thousand dollars each, have been for Sonja Smolec, Croatia, with 'Night Howl' (in English); Awwad Eid Samir Sharif, of Egypt, with 'One very old on a bicycle man' (in Arabic), and Daya Roí, of Israel, with 'one, two, three, four and five ' (in Hebrew).
After receiving the award, rose Pastor has read the 100 words that you have earned the first prize and he has desired, also excited that 'in a difficult time, words such as Utopia, equality, justice, and peace do not lose their sense nor miss the collective strength to make them possible'.
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