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The School of the Word" of the César Egido Serrano Foundation is an initiative that aims to promote understanding between different cultures and nationalities, through both oral and written language, and originates as a continuation activity of our concern to help the collective of Ukrainian refugees, who are suffering so much hardship right now. The "HablaMetodo" course is worth two, thanks to your enrollment a Ukrainian refugee without resources will be able to do it for free. The School of the Word allocates the proceeds to its assistance program for the most disadvantaged immigrants in order to achieve their faster integration.

The understanding of the Spanish language as a vehicle to access all services and possibilities of rebuilding their lives

The Spanish language, with qualified teachers for it, appropriate teaching aids and a rational scheme of teaching that is pleasant and fast. With any mobile device, through the online method "HABLAMETODO", of which we leave you the link below

We would like to sincerely thank the invaluable collaboration of the Red Cross, the teachers who give us their time altruistically and the publisher "HablaconEñe" who provide the necessary means to be able to coordinate and develop this essential project from the Foundation.



The results of the Flash Fiction Competition, that the César Egido Serrano Foundation organizes to promote dialogue between different cultures and religions, have been revealed in a press conference, at the Royal Opera House of Madrid.

The prize, that Guinness World records is examining to enter it in its book, is the best monetary prize per word competition, and is awarded in four different languages, in Spanish, English, Arab and Hebrew. Spanish, Arab and Hebrew are the three cultures promoted in the Museum of Words, in the Cervantine region of La Mancha.


As usual we would like to inform you of the developments taking place in the international competition of Microfiction, promoted by the Fundación César Egido Serrano.


The Guinness World Records is studying the inclusion in its book of the César Egido Serrano Foundation, creator of the international contest of microfiction Museum of Words.


On October 23, in Quero (Toledo), the President of the Foundation, César Egido Serrano, director of the Museo de la Palabra, Alfonso Fernández Burgos and the Deputy Director of the same, Silvia Ronquillo met with the ambassadors of different countries whose compatriots have actively participated in the calls for the international prize of Microrrelatos.

It is very significant highlight the presence at this luncheon of the Ambassador of IsraelAlon Bar and the Ambassador of Egypt, Ayman À. Zaineldine, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus (country that presides over this semester the European Union), Antonis Toumazis; the Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador, Aminta Buenaño Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Ján Skoda accompanied by his wife; the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, Neven Pelicaric; the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland, Justin Harman. He attended as invited the poet and delegate of the Board of Castilla - La Mancha in Toledo, Fernando Jou.En a climate of distension and cordiality, diplomatic representatives visited the emblematic building of the Foundation, the Museum of the word and showed interest in the building and copies of Don Quixote in different languages that are stored in your library showcases.

After the Cervantine meal Foundation's President thanked the ambassadors for their presence at the Museum and recalled that the objective of the Foundation is none other that advance the understanding of individuals and communities of different cultures, ideologies and religions and that present in the Act diplomats representing countries with cultural, institutional and religious traditions, of various kinds. "It is true - said César Egido - as the main problem of the world infant mortality due to hunger, especially in the African continent, but the second problem is intolerance." So we want to put our initiatives and heritage at the service of understanding, dialogue and tolerance. We are extremely proud that our House is today the place of this unusual encounter. If in all countries of the world were frequent encounters like this, it would advance in the achievement of a society without violence. The word has to be the bond of humanity, as our motto, and the only tool for conflict resolution".

And he proposed all of them joining as Trustees fees of the Foundation, offer that was accepted by all of them.In his speech the Ambassador of Ireland, Justin Harman, said his enthusiasm for initiatives carried out the Foundation to enhance the Word as a concept for meeting and coexistence. The Ambassador of Ecuador returned to praising the initiatives of the Foundation, especially the generosity of its President by sponsoring a literary prize that attracts participants from nearly 100 countries in each of his calls. Because, according to the Ambassador, the word, in its literary dimension, a greater significance and reach deep and noble of the feelings of the people.The toasts the remainder of diplomatic representatives spoke commending the activities and the idea that supports at the Egido Serrano César Foundation.


Used websites, have been completely remodeled, making more accessible, with diagrams and sections that make it easy and rational to find any written information or graphics on their activities and programmes.

Visit to El Toboso of persons received awards in the II contest of Microfiction Museo de la Palabra.
In one of the most famous philosophical concepts of the 20th century, Martin Heidegger said that language is the House of being. It seems that nobody is asked what could be the home of the language. At least until now. (Source: DPA, published in El Pais of Costa Rica)
The President of Castilla - La Mancha, José María Barreda, Monday, attends the inauguration of the Museo de la Palabra, in the town of Quero (Toledo), an act that will be broadcast via the Internet and during which there will also be awards of I Certamen de Spanish short story. (Source: tannic)
Museum of the word or I International Microfiction contest is an initiative pedagogical calling for the use of the Spanish language and spirit that has managed to gather a total of 3.672 stories from 44 countries. (Source: Foundation of the Spanish language)
The winners of the contest of the second edition of the prize international of Microfiction Museo de la Palabra visited Alcazar de San Juan. (Source: the Digital day)
The Princess of Asturias, doña Letizia Ortiz, will receive this Thursday at hearing to a representation of the Fundación César Egido Serrano and the Museo de la Palabra, which will come to the Palacio de La Zarzuela presided over by the founding patron, Caesar Egido Serrano, accompanied by the President of the Cortes of Castile - La Mancha, Vincent Tirado. (Source: Europe Press)
Doña Letizia will receive tomorrow, on 3 may at 11 in the morning, at hearing to a representation of the Fundación César Egido Serrano and the Museo de la Palabra, which will come to the Palacio de La Zarzuela presided over by the founding patron, Caesar Egido Serrano. It will accompany the President of the Cortes of Castile - La Mancha, Don Vincent Tirado Ochoa.(The Digital day)
Toledo, 18 nov (EFE).-Argentine writer María Soledad Uranga has won the I contest of Microrelatos Museo de la Palabra, equipped with 7,000 euros, by its composition makes days that it rains, composed of eighteen words.
Gallery of images. (Source: Manchainformación. com)

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